Sara Winter Photography


Curaçao is a surprisingly rugged island formed by the elements. The ever blowing easterly trade winds make it a tough environment for many plants to live in. It's primarily the strongest of cacti that survived the harsh climate over the centuries. Together with thorny shrubs and the occasional windswept divi-divi tree they form the original vegetation of the island. Curaçao is an island with landscapes as diverse as the people that inhabit it. From the rough coasts of the north to the tranquil turquoise waters of the southern bays. From the green foothills of Mount Christoffel to the arid and empty plains of Hato.

Jan Thiel Coast
Pink Skies
Turquoise Storm
Canoa Clouds
Turquoise Bay
Jan Thiel Coast II
Poseidon's Table
Tropical Sunset Skies