Sara Winter Photography

Southeast Australia

New South Wales and Victoria, the two most populous states of Australia, are found in the country's southeastern corner. The big cities of Sydney and Melbourne are their capitals and many medium sized cities are spread over the region. But despite relatively high number of people living in this corner of the country, there are some beautiful and seemingly endless wildernesses found in this region as well. To Australian standards the distances are rather short and within hours you can drive from a big metropolitan area to pristine nature reserves. It is easy to understand why this is such an attractive region to live in for many people, with such variety within such a relatively short distance.

Melbourne Skyline
Tidal Pool
Through the Forest
Three Sisters
London's Arch
Panoramic Rainforest
Melbourne Lights
Great Ocean Blues
Mahon Pool Sunrise
The Twelve Apostles
Harbour View
Beauchamp Falls
Blue Mountains
The Valley of Waters
Harbour Bridge