Sara Winter Photography
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Perpetual Silence

Mammoth Hot Springs, USA

The terraces of the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park are formed by a combination of heat, water and limestone. Eventually the water flows away and limestone terraces are left behind. Roots of trees that once grew in the area are burnt by hot water, dead trees are left behind on the terraces. Perpetual Silence is an overview of the terraces, photographed at sunrise.

The Mammoth Hot Springs are located in the Northernmost part of the Yellowstone National Park. This park is for the largest part situated in the state of Wyoming in the United States and is the first national park in the world. Underneath Yellowstone lies a supervolcano which erupts every 600000 years on average. The last eruption was over 640000 years ago. The national park measures at an area of 900000 hectare and is mainly one large volcanic crater. Resulting in quite some activity like hot springs and geysers.

Perpetual Silence